About us

Campoverde group constitutes the union of about four hundreds southern fruit producers who have consolidated, through the cooperative system, their presence on national and international markets of fresh and transformed fruit sector.

The seat of the Group is situated in the plain of Sibari, in the north-east zone of Calabrian territory, between the declivity of the massif of mount Pollino and the Ionian coast. The plain of Sibari, with a regional law on popular initiative, has been acknowledged as an Agri-food district of quality, for the tutorship and the exploitation of the products which take life from this strip of land, lucky from both climatic and horografic points of view.

Campoverde group, long since, represents a consolidated reality in Italy and abroad, with a turnover of 31.000.000 Euros in 2013, 57 % of it realized in Italy, 5% Extra UE, 38% UE.