The agricultural cooperative OSAS

The agricultural cooperative OSAS was established in 1962 by 14 members, now 109 ( including a cooperative of about 198 citrus growers); the head – office is situated in the municipality of Castrovillari and the presence of members extends on a 20 Km wide band in the inland of the Ionian Coast, in the North-East territory of Calabria, between Cassano Allo Ionio, Castrovillari and Corigliano Calabro.

The following shows the percentage breakdown of the total species of the year 2010, amounting to 2475 hectares.

In detail, clementines occupy 700 ha, nectarines 701 ha, peaches 603 ha, oranges 187 ha, clingstone peaches 143 ha, table grapes 65 ha and the other fruits ( apricots,plums,pears,kiwi and tangerine) 76 ha.

Below is the percentage breakdown of the total production by species, amounting to 42 546 tonnes (T).

Particularly, clementines represented a production of 11,681 t, nectarines of 14,602 t, peaches of 9,999 t, oranges of 2,399 t, clingstone peaches of 2,259 t, table grapes of 976 t and the other fruits (apricot, plums, pears and tangerines) of 628 t.

Cooperativa Agricola OSAS Ortofrutticola
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87012 Castrovillari (CS)
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